Choosing a wedding is a hue decision when it comes to planning a wedding. It's not quite as important as the dress, but it's pretty high up there. Some might even make an argument for the music being more important than the food. The wedding band might be there from start to finish to set the mood, of which there are many.


When you're thinking about choosing the right wedding band, you've clearly already ruled out he idea of a DJ. (Or are considering doing a blend of the two.) Hiring a wedding band can provide a more personal experience than hiring a DJ as well as an added dose of entertainment since people like to watch and appreciate live music so much.


East Coast Style Wedding band can be a little more specific however since they always have their own sound, so you'll want to m=be sure and settle on one that seems able to provide the sound that you're looking for. Most wedding bands are adept at doing covers of fan favorites, but if there are any specific songs that you feel like you must have at the wedding you'll want to check in and make sure that they can make it happen for you.


Some wedding bands will also be playing their own music, which means that you'll want to find out what that is ahead of time to make sure that you're actually into their original sound. You'd hate to be surprised by it on the big day. They might have some great original First Dance Songs but whether or not they're great for you is the question.


Most wedding bands should have plenty of footage of them playing at weddings, so ask if you can check them out in action. Once you've determined that you're interested, ask them some questions about how they handle the flow of the wedding day. The best bands will know when to play it cool and provide background noise without overdoing it but also be able to pick up the beat when it's time to dance but people aren't flocking to the dance floor like you'd hoped.  You can also learn how to choose the right wedding band by checking out the post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/section/weddings.



People tend to follow other people when it comes to the dancing situation, but the first person has to get out there because of the music. Without the music at a wedding reception, it would simply be a formal dinner, and most people want a little more fun than that at the big celebration.